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Below are just a few examples of what I've come across.

Keep in mind there may be more ways to solve an issue. Get several qualified contractor repair options and their associated cost.

If any contractor wants to dispute these statements. Get it in writing on their company letterhead!

Several of these rafters were pulling apart. Is it going to fall down? Probably not, but it sure needs a qualified contractor to correct it. 

The multistrand hot wire was only connected with two strands. If those two strands become disingaged, this breaker will no longer provide electricity to whatever it was servicing. Have a qualified electrical contractor correct this.

Basement steel jack supports were used as perminate supports, which is very common, but still doesn't make it right. Have a qualified general contractor correct this.

The trusses on this pole barn were not properly installed. The weight of these trusses and everything above was perminately attached with fourr sixteen D nails. This was a substandered hack build. Have a qualified general contractor correct this.

Another common mistake is to butt the wood siding directly on the roofing. The problem with this build is when moisture running down the roof gets "wicked" into the ends of the wood. Have a qualified contractor correct this issue.

Another common issue is venting the bathroom exhaust into the attic space. This is adding warm moist air which will deteriorate buildings materials and create conition condusive to mold growth. Have a qualified contractor correct this.

What will I find on your new purchase?